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Revolutionize Your Home with SPAN Smart Panels. Savings, Control, and Insights!

The ultimate control of your energy.

The SPAN smart panel offers the ultimate in convenience and control by allowing you to manage your circuits from anywhere. This level of remote control means you can regulate your home’s electrical usage no matter where you are. Whether you want to conserve energy while you’re away, maximize your solar storage capabilities or simply need to manage your circuits more efficiently, the SPAN smart panel provides an unprecedented level of control. 

Learn about your unique usage with deep energy insights!

The SPAN smart panel brings a new level of visibility to your power consumption. Unlike traditional electrical panels, SPAN Panel offers circuit-level control, allowing you to see precisely how energy is used in your home. This information is not just for show; it’s actionable data that empowers you to make more informed choices about your energy consumption. With the SPAN Home app, you can access real-time insights into which circuits and appliances are consuming the most energy. This knowledge enables you to make targeted changes to reduce your energy usage and lower your bills. The ability to shut off any circuit in your home at a moment’s notice adds another layer of control and efficiency to your energy management. 

Pairing with solar battery storage? Perfect!

When paired with solar and battery storage systems, the SPAN smart panel takes your home’s self-reliance to a whole new level. During an outage, you can extend your backup duration by powering only the circuits you need, leaving out the ones you don’t. 

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